Tuesday, 5 December 2006


The port of "Monte", was pleasant enough, a "boys with big toys" paradise.

The weather was perfect for exploring, with a cooling sea breeze. What has Monte got to offer? Hmmm. Probably the only memorable place to visit here, apart from the docks, is the meat market. A metropolis of indoor bbq's. However these weren't any old bbq's, these were proper, real wood based furnases with a slanting metal rack, inwhich to place the succulent meats on. The ash glared from red to white as the haunches of meat were slung on the "bar-be". Chefs and waiters worked side by side, as the entire BAS team engulfed their delights. This wasn't for the feint hearted, this was man food, cave man style, from ribs to any kind of offal imaginable. I ordered a simple rump steak, which on appearance was nothing short of the whole beast ending up on my plate, Mmmm.

I strolled out of the meat market holding my aching belly, like i was carrying the beast within me, and walked through lines of streets not dissimilar to those in Barcelona. I nosed inside a tomb, which held the ashes, (not from my meal) but from the soldiers who liberated Uruguay and the General who led them, Plaza Independencia, Tomb of Jose Gervasio Artigas.

My visit here was short and swift, and the last piece of solid ground my feet and stomach would land on, until the Falklands.

Farewell Monte.

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