Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Going south, Drakes Passage & Signy

After an exciting but busy couple of days ashore in the Falklands and a jet fighter escort, we were really on our way south. As we departed the Falkland coast the sea turned even more blue, and we just seemed to drift for miles on a mildly rocking hammock. However, in the morning the waves were different, the air was colder and all you could see out on deck was a thick fog surrounding the ship. We heard from the bridge that the 1st iceberg was seen on the ships radar today (6th Nov), but so far away, a sure sign that we are heading for Antarctic waters. The fog kept its circle around us for the next couple of days, allowing us to see no more than a mere 50metres in any direction. Welcome to Drakes Passage, 57 degrees 22.7S, 051 Degrees 06.8W.

BANG, BANG, BANG GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, on thurs 7th dec 06 at 6.20 am, this was the noise i was woken up to. It felt like we were in turbulance, with the entire ship shaking, grinding and grimmacing at whatever had just happened. I jumped out of bed wondering, now fully awake what was going on. I had a quick shower, holding onto the rail as the onslaught continued. whatever it was, you felt the ship didnt like it either. I walked briskly to the outside deck, then BLOODY HELL, i was gobsmacked at what i was lookin at. This was the site i was woken to.

The horrific noise was the 1st icebergs bashing into the hull of the ship, as we arrived into signey, south orkney islands. It was an amazing site, the clouds looked so moody while the iceberg at the bottom left looks so fresh, likes it ready for "G & T".

This is signy, south Orkney islands, another BAS station, along with some of the locals, which aren't that friendly!

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Hi Ant, Your site is great and so much info already. Did you really eat that steak!!! Hope you are enjoying yourself and keep us updated with the site.
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