Monday, 4 December 2006

Leavng home & little one

On the 25th november 2006, it was time. The day had arrived for me to trundle off on my epic journey towards the planets harshest continent. A continent that would take me 3 different flights and a cruise on a renouned "vomit comet", or "sailing pig of a ship" for nearly 4 weeks.

I stood waiting at the airport, contemplating my flghts and my stead, as to whether she was upto the job of taking me away from my loved ones. That done, i joined que after que, before saying my goodbyes, to those i'd leave behind, until february 08, (0r there abouts, weather permitting). I have a feeling, this term of phrase will be used all too often, and like all true Brits, i really will be tuning into the weather forecast.

I was only slightly nervous of my itinerary, but even more so when i stood in front of my "magnficent flying machine", would she really fly me from London heathrow-Dulles Washington-Buenos Aires-Montevideo?


Little Sar said...

Am loving your blog site!!! How cool is that! Pics are great, I especially like your first encounter with the penguins & the one of you eating a whole cow by the looks of it!

littlebush said...

Dubs, glad u kept my email address, I'd lost yours. Great to hear what youre up to, and wow am i jealous, good on you for still having the travel bug, and even better youve combined it with your cooking skills! Antarctica has always fascinated me, but never thought i'd know someone going there! Enjoy it, and make sure you email me when youre back, i wanna know all about it. Dave Griffin

Mr Biggs said...

Ant the blog looks quality! You look like a pro already. Im sure I saw some grissle on that meat hanging from your mouth.
I have save the link so good to see your progress. I look at the web cam on the boat a lot but it always looks the same view. Must get the captain to change the view.
Can you imagine the state I would be in on that boat!

Laters MAte

Adam said...

Dubber! Cool blog. I'm surprised at your technical skills. Keep the pics coming.